Let's make Putin think we are bastards
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Let's make Putin think we are bastards

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Wildstein: Putin Wygrał
Wildstein: Putin Wygrał

Incursion, invasion, no matter what name you come up with, Russian troops are now officially operating in Ukraine. Approximately a thousand of them, according to NATO.

Just a reminder: this is happening less than a week after Angela Merkel's much-touted visit to Kiev and the predictably inconclusive summit in Minsk, complete with Putin/Poroshenko awkward handshake and Catherine Ashton's mind-boggling outfit. Top EU diplomats once again did what they excel at: they failed. Spectacularly.

Poroshenko's antiterrorist operation in Eastern Ukraine would probably have been long over by now, with rebels crushed and borders tightly closed, had it not been for the insistence of the German foreign minister "to cease the fire" and "to stop the bloodshed" and "to avoid escalation" and to "negotiate a peaceful solution". Presumably Mr. Putin was praying for Mr. Steinmeier to keep using this infantile rhetoric. The Russian president got some breathing room and yet another chance to send in reinforcements, distracting the West with hundreds of "humanitarian" lorries, loaded mostly with hot air.

The stop-the-bloodshed mantra would be fine and justifiable in case of a civil war. But this is by no means a civil war. This is a military aggression tout court, in which the invaded is entitled to defend itself with all available means against the invader. Furthermore, it is an aggression which has lasted for months. Still the European Union has been amazingly reluctant to admit this one fact.

Dear Western Europeans, you must finally understand the obvious: every time you say to Mr. Putin: "We want to talk", he laughs his butt off. Every time you expect him to make a concession, he rolls on the floor. Every time you scream: "We want you to de-escalate!", he thinks: "What a pathetic bunch of whiners...".

Now it's about time to make him think: "Oh, f...ck, what do those bastards think they are doing?!"
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